Acadia Birch


It is mid-March in Maine, and as I write this we are experiencing very pleasant and unseasonably warm temperatures. Spring and summer cannot come quickly enough for me, and the nice weather has me thinking about Acadia National Park. Beautiful in all seasons, I have to admit that my preference to visit and explore is when the sun is higher in the sky and the snow on the ground has melted. Perhaps a trip to my favorite national park is in order this weekend?

In the meantime, here’s one from last summer’s archives… just thinking about when I made this image makes me feel warm! As you travel along the loop road toward the ranger station and park fee entrance, there are several stands of beautiful birch trees on either side of the road. I have always wanted to capture how impressive these trees are, but despite trying on many occasions and at different times of day, I have yet to truly do them justice. The image above is a simplification of the scene taken late one afternoon – I moved the camera vertically while keeping the shutter open for half a second. I did add just a touch of motion blur in post-processing to smooth out the very front of the foreground. On this particular evening, I liked how the soft light from the side illuminated the tree bark, and how the colors of the forest floor came together in a simple, yet pleasing, way.


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