Prentiss Woods


Prentiss Woods is a relatively small parcel of wooded land that lies directly behind our local high school here in Bangor. It is easily accessed from a three-car parking lot on Grandview Avenue, and although it may not cover a huge area, it more than makes up for that in how it makes you feel like you could be elsewhere in more grand surroundings. The trail meanders between some tall, tall trees, and the gentle undulations in elevation give the impression of a more mountainous place.

We enjoyed the unseasonably warmer weather this weekend, spending some time on Sunday morning together wandering along this short but pretty trail. The sun was trying its best to reach into the shadows to melt the remaining snow, and as it did so it warmed us all in a manner that promised springtime was on its way. Some nice light made its way onto the tree trunks and forest floor, and as it did so I played with it a little, simplifying the scene by moving the camera vertically while the shutter was open.


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