Who Needs Matching Socks?


Saturday morning in our house is laundry day, so for those who actually care, it is also the day when finding matching socks becomes that little bit more challenging. Jack apparently doesn’t need matching socks.

Lori laid out a pair of socks for Jack to wear, but he declined her offer… something about them being from back in his baby days. After all, he is a big boy now, almost six. In fact he will celebrate his next birthday in a couple of weeks on April 1st – says a lot right there!

Lori then informed him that since she was about to start the laundry, this was probably the last pair of clean socks – pair being the important word – in his drawer.

He tipped his head to one side, giving her that one-eyed disbelieving pirate stare that screams “What is wrong with you woman?”

He then proceeded to rummage through his sock drawer, and in an instant he was proudly holding up two completely different socks that he declared OK to wear, “See, these are fine!”

Who needs matching socks!


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