Badwater Underwater


I wonder how long it will take for the shallow lake that recently formed on the Badwater salt flats to retreat and once again reveal the classic salt polygon shapes?

The image above is from our second morning in Death Valley, and as you can see the unique conditions that existed with water pooling in the flatter areas and the ridges heaving up made for much more chaotic shapes than normal. Within days this whole area was covered in water, completely submerging not only the salt polygons, but most of the entire valley floor.

I have been here several times in more traditional conditions, so to see the salt flats distressed and changing right before our eyes was quite impressive. The shallow pools of water made for some incredible opportunities to catch the Panamint Range reflected in the foreground, though being there in person was much more impressive than any photograph can possibly convey.

We were very fortunate on this morning to see nature at work right before our eyes, and when combined with a very dramatic start to the day, Sam and I marveled at the fact we were the only people around within miles to share this scene.

4 thoughts on “Badwater Underwater

  1. David Patterson

    I have to admit I was hoping that we would get light like this at some point on our trip. We were spoiled though getting it on our very first morning in the park, we were half expecting it every morning after that but it didn’t happen. Special light comes rarely and we were lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

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