Losing a Tooth


This day had been coming for a while.

A couple of Jack’s friends had already lost some teeth, so he was anxious to know when he would too. I guess for a five year old this is a pretty big deal!

Before Sam and I had left on our trip, the tooth had been hanging by a thread and we figured that some time while we were gone we might miss the big event.

Wouldn’t you know… the very day we left it happened!

When we called home from the road, Lori put Jack on the phone so he could tell us the good news, and although it was great to hear the story, were were feeling a little blue that we missed seeing it.

That was when Lori told us that she had recorded it all on her iPod! In all of the commotion, I don’t know if I would have even thought to do that. We were psyched that she had remembered to capture this important moment on video, and we will all now be able to treasure it forever.

When we got to Death Valley we jumped onto Skype, and that was when Lori replayed the video that is embedded below for us. Needless to say, we both howled with laughter at seeing how excited Jack was.

Ask him to show off where his tooth had been and he is only too glad to oblige. He will also tell you how the tooth fairy paid him a visit that night, and that a new tooth is already starting to grow in. A sure sign of growing up, the little man is doing great!


4 thoughts on “Losing a Tooth

  1. Roberta Horne

    When I taught preschool a few years ago it was always a big deal when a child in the class lost a tooth. I would then ask them to smile so we could see the “window” in their mouth. Nice window Jack!!!

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