Sam’s photographs


I wasn’t sure if Sam would have the patience to deal with my methodical photography antics on this trip. I know he likes to take photographs, but this would be the first time he was subjected to the whole process of using a tripod, seeking a pleasing composition, getting up early and staying late, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting… for the good light. It certainly is a time consuming process, and I have to admit that I feared he might get bored hanging around.

I needn’t have worried because he has totally embraced the process, and it is very cool indeed to see him wander off to capture his own take on the scenes we visit. Although he is still learning about the technical side of things, he has a naturally good eye for composition, and some of the images he has made on this trip are truly amazing. He has been using a borrowed Rebel Xsi, along with his own Panasonic Lumix which allows for shooting 16:9 format images – which offer a very cool wider perspective.

Most importantly to me though is that he obviously appreciates the beauty of the places he finds himself in. He understands the importance of enjoying the experience of being there first, and making a photograph of what he sees second. I asked him to share some of his favorites from the trip… I am sure you will agree that he is quite the image-maker!


11 thoughts on “Sam’s photographs

  1. Roberta Horne

    I’m intrigued with your photos and stories behind them, as well as Ben’s as his stories and photos SLOWLY unfold. Sam’s photos are awesome…must have been blessed with the “third eye” like his Dad and Ben…

    • David Patterson

      Roberta… thanks. Sam is quite proud of his photographs, and it tickles me that it means something special to him to be creative this way.

  2. Ben Horne

    Great going Sam! You definitely have a good eye for photography. Using the camera in the 16:9 aspect ratio gives a very stylized look to the shots.

  3. Bob

    I can only repeat what dad says, Sam. You have a great talent for seeing beauty in every aspect of nature, and capturing it on film. Swirling dunes–I never noticed.

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