Alabama Hills


Our original plan had been to stay overnight in Lee Vining so we could shoot at Mono Lake again, this time in the morning, but since the road hadn’t been plowed we didn’t want to have to hike in – especially in the dark with the coyotes around! Instead, we hopped in the car and drove south to Lone Pine for the night, planning on seeing the picturesque Alabama Hills area in the morning.

We were greeted with a beautiful though cloudless morning and the imposing height of a snow-capped Mount Whitney towering above us. The Alabama Hills is a really cool area, one that has served as the backdrop for many movies and TV shows. There are all sorts of round boulders mixed in with the dusty landscape that rises up from the floor of the Owen’s Valley. There are also some famous, and not so famous, arches scattered all over the area, and we had a great time exploring the area and enjoying the morning.

After this we are heading back to Death Valley… the weather is supposed to be exceptional for the next two days, and these two Mainers want some summer temperatures in February!

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