Earth from space – sort of


This is a photograph I made of the earth while standing on a space station… seriously!

Before you ask, I did not spend the $20K that Richard Branson and Virgin will soon be charging to fly into space, and contrary to popular belief I do not possess NASA astronaut skills that would have granted me access to the international space station. So how did I make a photograph of the earth from space?

As part of my ongoing formal education, I am currently enrolled in a very interesting graduate class in which we are examining the implications for teaching and learning in virtual worlds. Only a couple of weeks into the semester, I have already become intrigued by the possibilities for creating innovative and purposeful learning spaces in this medium. As a class we do not meet in the traditional face-to-face fashion, instead we gather every Monday evening on Black Bear Island in Second Life.

Becoming familiar with our surroundings and the virtual environment has been a focus of the first few weeks, and in our most recent class we participated in “An Amazing Race” (in SL) designed to expose us to many educational and interesting places. One of the places I “visited” was Spaceport Alpha, the International Space Station Museum, and that was where I snapped this image of the view.

Who knows, perhaps one day it will actually be possible for the common man (and woman) to view the earth from space like this – wouldn’t that be a sight?


2 thoughts on “Earth from space – sort of

  1. Very interesting, David. My daughter and son-in-law are VERY active in Second Life. As a matter of fact, they have organized and run several of the Second Life Annual Conventions in NYC and SF. I’m still not sure how she does it but I think my daughter makes real money selling virtual clothing for Linden dollars in Second Life.

  2. David Patterson

    Ed… Second Life is quite the phenomenon. I haven’t spend that much time in there, but this class has certainly opened my eyes up to the possibilities for teaching and learning.

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