Bass Harbor Light – Part 2


I didn’t venture too far when out on the rocks shooting Bass Harbor Light on this day. There was a considerable amount of snow and ice to contend with, and it was as cold a day as I had ever been shooting in. Even in the summer when these rocks are dry they take some negotiating to get to where I was for this shot. Following up on my earlier version of this scene, this image is a tighter composition from approximately the same spot. Over the years I must have been here a dozen times to shoot this lighthouse, and I never get tired of being there.


4 thoughts on “Bass Harbor Light – Part 2

  1. Argy

    The light is wonderful… what time was it? You captured the depth of the sky even though only a small amount of it is shown in the photo. And the color is wonderful! Yup, its a keepa!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Argy… this was taken at 4:22pm, about 20 minutes before sunset. I liked the low light, especially how it reflected off the granite and ice-covered foreground rocks.

  2. Sunset seems better than sunrise there year around, isn’t it. David, I was so close. I had hatched a plan for MLK weekend. We would have driven up on Friday, spent Saturday and Sunday and drove back on Monday. My wife shot my plan right through the heart. I really want to get up there for winter.

    By the way, we have fit a side trip to Millinocket for an all day moose photo safari into our October trip.

  3. David Patterson

    Ed… most of my time spent here has been sunrise, so it was nice to get there later in the day. Both different, and in the right conditions – not crowded, nice light – it is special either way. Sorry you weren’t able to make it up here for winter this time, and if interested in moose then might I suggest Sandy Stream Pond in Baxter State Park. Just about every time I have been there I have seen moose, though as I am sure you know with wildlife they are quite unpredictable.

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