Acadia in Winter


Cabin-fever has started to set in around these parts. Dull and dreary weather has been the norm recently, so when we woke this morning to bright sunshine and relatively moderate temperatures, we decided to take a drive and enjoy the fresh ocean air in our favorite place… Acadia National Park.

There was a blanket of snow and ice coating much of the park, making it sparkle even more than it normally does. Seeing it this way made me realize that we do not make it down here often enough in the winter. Though still low in the sky, the January sun was a welcome sight as we soaked in the warmth and explored the Otter Cliffs area of the park. In the summer months this part of Acadia is usually mobbed, but today we saw a total of maybe half a dozen people who were either hiking, snow-shoeing or cross country skiing.

I had no idea that the Loop Road was even open in the winter. It appeared as though half of the road had been plowed, with the other half still covered in snow and sort of groomed for cross country skiing. The gate on the road leading up to the top of Otter Cliffs was closed, but access to the ocean drive from Sand Beach to Boulder Beach was totally accessible by car.

There was a discernible air of peacefulness and tranquility all along the shore, and even though it was almost high tide, the waves were merely gently lapping the rocky coastline – a far cry from when we visited last August to witness the wrath of Hurricane Bill.

Even though we were there in the mid-afternoon, I liked how the low-angled winter light warmed the round, snow-covered rocks. All in all we spent a couple of hours exploring and enjoying this winter paradise, and we all resolved that returning during this less-visited season was a must.

Here’s the happy camper caught in mid-air skipping up the road with Lori as we headed back to the car… the kid has some serious ups 😉


4 thoughts on “Acadia in Winter

    • David Patterson

      Why thank you m’lady. It was a wonderful afternoon in a gorgeous place made all the better by the company of you and Jack.

  1. Wow…feels like I’ve been on a trip seeing your gorgeous photography. When I read about your home being Ireland I sort of thought respectfully that your real home is when you look into the lense and see the beauty of your sons smile and the shores of Maine. I thank you Sir for being so kind enough to share it with the world.
    My mothers family came from Cork county, Ireland. While visiting Ireland several times and feeling my kinship when the women there looked like my grandmother I told my husband, ‘I feel as if I came home’. Later I realized, the most awesome pictures were in my own backyard of seasons past and all the animals I feed…my home. The place that causes me to smile everyday.

  2. David Patterson

    Gail… thanks for stopping by and for the kind words… much appreciated. Home can mean many things to people but one thing remains constant – it is where you feel you belong.

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