A Walk in the Woods


The whole family enjoyed a long walk together in the woods this weekend. The Bangor Forest is a place we visit often, and on this morning we decided to explore a different part of the area. We parked in the less popular southern lot, bundled up against the cold and headed out on the trail. The sun was bright and almost warm when we started out, but by the time we made it back to the car it had clouded over. We covered about 2.5 miles in total, with Jack handling the distance and conditions with ease. Even though the trails were icy, the forest is a place that is refreshingly beautiful at any time of the year, and time spent together is always a good thing. Moving the camera through the scene, this image is from along the trail (added two more):


2 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods

  1. David Patterson

    Ed… thanks for the kind words. I came away with a handful of images that I liked from this morning, and these three were my favorites. Is funny how I get drawn more to landscape oriented images in this format. By the way, we have plenty of snow up here in Maine if you need some 😉

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