Into the Valley of Death


Sam has heard his grandfather Bob tell a great story about the time he traveled the country and almost died when his car broke down in Death Valley. He has also heard my stories of what it was like being in Death Valley when the temperature was 124 degrees, and he has seen my photographs of surreal and almost alien landscapes such as the salt flats at Badwater, the sand dunes at Stovepipe Wells, and the moving rocks at the Racetrack. So when asked where he wanted to go on our upcoming trip together, he pretty quickly settled on a place that certainly keeps drawing me back… Death Valley National Park in California.

I have to admit I am thrilled and excited to be able to share with Sam what is the largest, and in my opinion one of the most impressive, National Parks in the country. Death Valley is a stunning and diverse landscape, one that remains indelibly etched in the memory of anyone who visits there. I absolutely love the place, and am sure that Sam and I will have a wonderful time exploring and enjoying all that it has to offer.

Our flights are booked for the second week in February when temperatures there will likely be comfortably in the low 70’s. Sam has been hard at work researching the history and geography of the grand and imposing territory we are about to visit, and we are both looking forward to spending time together uncovering its secrets.

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