My Present from Sam


For Christmas this year, Sam gave me the best present ever.

Just about every time I go shooting I ask if he wants to come along with me. However, like most 17 year olds he enjoys his sleep immensely, so the prospect of having to wake up at 4:00am to catch the earliest light at a pretty location with his crazy father doesn’t always excite him. However, his present was a promise to accompany me next time I asked, and needless to say I was thrilled. Little did he know what was in store for him!

If you read my recent post about the glorious weather we are currently enjoying here in Maine, you will understand my feelings about winter in this part of the world. Combine an itch to get back behind the camera that needed scratching, along with an opportunity to go somewhere other than here, and almost overnight a master plan was hatched that looks like evolving into a cool trip.

Lori is fully aware of my disdain for winter in Maine, and she knows that I have been thinking more and more lately about traveling. It was she who suggested I look into making a personal trip to somewhere warmer where I could satisfy my need to do some landscape photography, and as you can imagine, I did not put up much of a fight! Great woman she is!

Almost immediately after the idea was born, we both realized that we also had an opportunity to combine Sam’s present to me with what might be a trip of a lifetime for him. I have frequent flyer miles stacked up so the cost of flying is not a factor, and whatever the chosen location, I would have to rent a car and figure out lodging… so why not take Sam with me?

I asked Sam if he could go anywhere in the contiguous United States for a week long trip in February, where would he choose to go? He was very excited about the many possibilities, and was quick to make some really cool suggestions. He enjoys the camera he purchased last summer before our family trip to Yosemite, and is looking forward to joining me on the photography trail as we see some unique and amazing landscapes. The plans are in motion… stay tuned for his decision on where we are going…


2 thoughts on “My Present from Sam

    • David Patterson

      Jeanne… definitely somewhere warmer than Maine right now! We do have a decision made, and the next blog post will tell all. Stay tuned…

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