About a month ago I took Jack to the local civic center to get the H1N1 flu and seasonal flu vaccines. As we sat in the crowded room waiting for the nurse to prepare his vaccinations, there was a teenage girl sitting at the next table getting her shot and screaming like someone was cutting her arm off. Jack sat on my knee patiently waiting for the nurse to get his shot ready, and we both wondered what the big deal was.

He was such a brave little man as he was given the seasonal flu vaccination as a shot, and the H1N1 as an inhalant. No tears, but I know the shot wasn’t the most pleasant thing. Vaccinated against two types of flu, we headed home to get some ice cream and watch Spongebob.

As soon as we got home though, the nurse had called to say that Jack had accidentally been given two doses of the seasonal flu, and that he had not in fact actually received the H1N1 vaccine. We bundled up and climbed back into the car to return to the scene of the shot – with me knowing full well that getting a second shot in one day was not going to be a pretty sight. Jack handled the second shot – in the other arm – really well. A few tears were shed, but nothing that a few stickers and the promise of ice cream couldn’t calm.

One month later and he needed his H1N1 booster today. Lori took him to the civic center (“sick center” in Jack’s language), and he was once again a real trooper. No tears this time around, and he was quite the model patient. Not a photograph of him running from the needle… just one from a happier time earlier in the year.


2 thoughts on “H1N1

  1. My little guys both got their H1N1 shots yesterday. Waiting room was a mobscene with kids screaming and surprisingly a lot of people wearing masks.

    A few months ago the Dr office told us first that Ethan accidentally got two polio shots and second that tylenol administered before a shot decreases the effectiveness of the vaccine.this was of course after 3 years of them telling us to give the tylenol ahead of time. Arrrgh!

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