Family traditions


As Sam prepares to go to college, lately we’ve been noticing little moments when it hits us that he won’t be with us as much next year and beyond. First day of school photographs, picking pumpkins, trick or treating on Halloween, and chopping down the tree for Christmas are all times we have treasured and are going to miss.

Even though he will hopefully be no further than somewhere in New England when he leaves home for college, he likely won’t be joining us on many of those family traditions any more for at least a couple of years. Maybe he won’t be too far away and he can hurry home for the weekend, or maybe we can visit him and continue some of those traditions wherever he is?

As we always do the weekend after Thanksgiving, we journeyed out to Piper Mountain in search of a tree. We love wandering over the hillside debating the merits of every other tree, and it has been a tradition of ours now for quite some time. We always gave Sam the responsibility of actually choosing our tree, and ever since he was old enough to be trusted with a sharp saw he has also been responsible for actually chopping the tree down.

Sampling the hot cider and doughnuts inside the Piper Mountain store, choosing a tree ornament to be wrapped as a present, and struggling to secure the tree to the top of the car are all traditions that Jack has really started to appreciate. Last weekend it was touching to hear Sam tell Jack that he was now going to be the one who decided which tree came home with us, and that he was going to have to cut the tree down next year. Oh how fast they grow up!


9 thoughts on “Family traditions

  1. Katy

    Can i start off with saying that he’s looking quite like Ryan.
    And as for Jack well he certinly has got big since i last saw him.You probly wont know who this is. πŸ™‚ Its Katy. SAdly we have lost touch but when Joan told me about your blog i had to see you lovely faces again! :D.

    • David Patterson

      Katy… so good to hear from you. It has been a while since we all got together… too long. The big questions is… who is taller, Ryan or Sam? Sam is 6′ 4″ though I think he has finally stopped growing! Hope everyone in the family is doing well.

  2. Katy

    Mum recons Sam is taller. Ryan has stopped growing also however, he has taken to the rugby and the wieghts so his shoulders are getting far too big for mums and my likeing! I absolutely love your photography skills. They appear to be a skill that i could make good use of as my art teacher is forever shouting at me for not having enough photos.. :S..

    p.s. Everyone is better than ever, and facinated with the fact that I have contacted you. Unfortunately Dad doesnt understand the limits of technology.

  3. David

    Katy… next thing you have to do is get set up on Skype. Being able to video chat would probably blow your Dad’s mind! Let me know if you do get Skype going and we can all say hello for real.

  4. Katy

    David, Skype is, as I type, downloading. Despite the fact its 10 past 1 in the morning. Haha. I shall keep you posted on my progress. However, I hate to admit im rubbish on computers. Especially outside my regualer comfort zone. :S. I stand by my Windows messenger, I am convinced its the same! πŸ™‚


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