Things can be a little slow around here on Sunday mornings – cartoons and choosing breakfast cereal is about the extent of the excitement to be had in our house. However, that is also when Jack usually gets creative in finding something to amuse himself with, and this morning was classic.

After breakfast we realized that things had become pretty quiet. We called for Jack to let us know where he was and what he was up to, and when there wasn’t an immediate response, we knew something was up.

Not knowing what kind of mischief he had been involved in, we prepared for the worst. That’s when he came wandering down the stairs with scissors in hand, a big grin across his face, and arms outstretched asking “What? What did I do?”

We couldn’t help but laugh. He had found a pair of kiddie scissors – the ones kindergarteners use to cut colored paper with – and declared that he wanted to give himself a mohawk haircut. During his time alone, he had positioned himself in front of the upstairs bathroom mirror and done his best Vidal Sassoon impression. Oh well… goodbye bangs!


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