Treworgy Farm and pumpkin picking


pumpins09-1Once again it was time to make the annual visit to Treworgy Farm just outside Bangor to pick the pumpkins, explore the corn maze, and generally enjoy the New England fall atmosphere. The sun was bright, but there was definitely a nip in the air reminding us that summer was over.

Grandpa came with us this time, and I think he enjoyed how quaint and local the experience was. All of the usual fall suspects were there… the corn maze to solve, the pumpkins to pick, the livestock to pet, the apple cider to taste, and the local fare to enjoy.

While Long Island has its own traditions that Granny and Grandpa enjoy, and it could loosely be considered to be on the periphery of New England, in my opinion nowhere matches up with Maine at this time of year when it comes to fall activities.

Jack has definitely inherited his older brother’s love of all things holiday related. Whether it is Christmas, Easter, or the Fourth of July, Jack embraces all of the special times of the year. The fall though, and especially the time leading up to Halloween, is unique and receives special attention from him. He asks to go pumpkin picking and carve pumpkins as early as August, and the kid would decorate the house in orange and black all year if we let him. Good times…



2 thoughts on “Treworgy Farm and pumpkin picking

    • David Patterson

      Will do… the biggest and most exciting day of the year is on Saturday. Jack will once again have a ball… this year as a Clone Trooper 🙂

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