The Mighty Penobscot



The 350 mile long Penobscot River flows under the shadow of Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park, Maine. This image is taken about a mile or so from the Abol Falls Bridge along the Golden Road. I had to climb over several large boulders to get to a place where I could see both snow-capped Katahdin in the background, and have an unobstructed view of the flowing water. I really liked the blaze of color that the fall foliage offered on the nearest river bank to the left. To slow the water and get the misty effect in the foreground, I used a 6-stop neutral density filter that allowed the shutter to be open for 15 seconds.

Technical data: f22, 15 seconds, iso 100, 17-40mm at 20mm with a 6-stop ND filter.

4 thoughts on “The Mighty Penobscot

  1. THAT is a spectacular image – the water, the rocks surrounded by autumnal color makes for a superb composition. I have a Singh-Ray Vari-ND that will take me from 2-8 stops and I just don’t use it often enough!

  2. David Patterson

    Ed… though this scene was pretty spectacular as is – even at about 9:30am – I thought by using the ND filter I might be able to add a little interest by slowing down the water. I shot this scene with and without the ND filter… am torn between which I like better. The smooth water is nice, but the running water tends to go better with the “ruggedness” and wildness of the landscape. Fun to experiment though, and would love to have a variable ND filter myself someday.

  3. How do you all feel about the variable ND Filter… I know that sell a sweet one from Singh-Ray… $390.00 the 77mm Thin Mount is rather pricey… but it sure does help having an all in one approach instead of fumbling around with cokin filters…

    • David Patterson

      Would be a nice addition, but at $390 (and knowing how slippery the rocks we traverse are), there is no way I will be adding it to my bag 🙂

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