Sand Beach, Acadia National Park



Lucky to have Acadia National Park on our doorstep, we try to take advantage of it’s proximity as often as we can. The images in this post are from a late summer day trip to Sand Beach… it is nice to be able to jump in the car and be in a place so beautiful within an hour.

As a kid, Sam always loved coming to Sand Beach, and Jack is no different. They both love building and shaping how the water flows from the “river” that forms in the shadow of the Beehive and leads to the ocean. Sometimes after a heavy rain the water can flow really fast, making for an exciting and fun place to play and explore. Jack had a ball racing the water, trying to dam the river with sand… an architecturally hopeless task, but an awesome way to spend the evening. And then there is just being there and enjoying the evening as Lori and Sam are doing in the image above.

The image below is another experiment where I move the camera to create an abstract of what is often a fairly recognizable scene. I like how the movement of the camera blends the different elements and how the colors and light mesh together… all while the source of the composition still remains quite obvious.



4 thoughts on “Sand Beach, Acadia National Park

  1. Hey Dave, I just booked (on Sunday) two weeks in Bar Harbor next year beginning on October 1. I am hoping to catch the Maine Audubon pelagic trip out of BH on Saturday the 2nd (I am hoping that is when they will schedule it. It’s the 3rd this year.). And then it is two weeks of autumn foliage and such. Maybe we could hook up for a morning?!?!?

    I am really liking the motion blur. I have done several of these and I can testify that they are not as easy as they might look. Too much blur – no good. Too little blur – no good.

    • David Patterson

      Ed… your timing should be excellent for foliage. Depending on when it first gets really cold, my best guess for peak color in the Acadia area is usually around the second week in October. I know how much you like the park, so you must be very excited about having an entire 2 weeks there at what should be a wonderful time of year. We will definitely get together and shoot when you are here… will look forward to it.

    • David Patterson

      Mark… thanks. Acadia NP in the fall is indeed very nice. You get all of the beauty of the ocean and coastline plus the fall foliage… my favorite time of year here.

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