Classic Americana



More from Fenway Park. Can you tell that I adore this place?

The Italian Sausages were good, and we got to see Jon Lester pitch 8 innings of 2-hit ball. Boy does he look good these days! Mike Lowell drove in the first run, Jason Varitek hit a rope of a 2-run single to right field, and Jason Bay looped one down around the Pesky Pole for a home run. With the 4-0 win the Red Sox finished off the sweep of the Tampa Bay Rays, and moved further ahead of the Texas Rangers in the hunt for the AL Wild Card playoff spot.

Our seats were great, not only for the ball game, but also for the spectacular show put on in the skies above Boston. I knew that as the evening wore on the cloud formation up above the stadium might create the chance of some nice light sneaking under the clouds and lighting up the twilight. I figured that a moment would come when the colors in the sky would balance with the artificial lighting from Fenway (which though blown completely doesn’t bother me in this pic), and at that point everything might come together for quite a scene… here it is.

The visit to Brown University went well. We got to see a thriving campus with classes in full swing, and a quite eclectic and diverse student population going about their business. I was glad that Sam picked up on the “vibe” of the place… quite relaxed and easy-going, not always the case in a somewhat urban and very challenging academic setting.

We participated in the scheduled admissions informational session, and were treated to a wonderfully informative campus tour by a senior who did a really nice job conveying not only her love of Brown, but also lots of good information relevant to someone interested in learning more about the university.

Sam obviously enjoyed the campus, and when asked if he could see himself going to school at Brown, he replied most definitely in the affirmative. I get the feeling though that many of the schools that Sam is going to visit will impress him… they all have rich academic traditions and thousands of prospective students clamoring to attend them. One of Sam’s biggest challenges will be finding a way to distinguish between the schools he is looking at… that and successfully applying to those he is most interested in.


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