Fenway Park and College Visits



Sam and I are heading down to Fenway Park soon to see the Sox take on the Tampa Bay Rays. The Sox are very much still in the hunt for the wild card, so it is still an exciting time to be in Boston. The photograph above is from a previous visit to Fenway several years ago when the Sox faced the Seattle Mariners – this is from when Ichiro was still a big draw, before there were seats on the Green Monster, and before the Red Sox had broken the curse. As a big fan of the Red Sox it is always thrilling to make the pilgrimage to Fenway Park to see them play, but even if you weren’t a die-hard baseball fan this park is a sight to behold, and something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

One of Sam’s presents last Christmas was a Sox Pack of 4 tickets to see the Hometown Team at Fenway. Pretty cool deal where you get two tickets to the same seats for 4 different games… sort of like a mini season ticket holder! Generally tickets for Red Sox games are still quite difficult to get, so having four guaranteed games throughout the summer is a nice thing.

In addition to going to see the Sox, we are embarking on the first of several college visits we will be making this fall. Sam is at that point in his life where he is planning on applying to several colleges and universities for next year, so it is time to hit the road and spend time exploring and experiencing some of the campuses he is most interested in.

Our first road trip will include a visit to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. We visited Brown earlier in the spring, but at that time we didn’t get a chance to meet with admissions or get an official tour. Brown is definitely one of Sam’s top choices at this point, so we are hoping to be able to glean some good information from this visit that will help in the upcoming decision-making process. There are several more college trips planned for this fall, so it is shaping up to be a busy but exciting time of year.


2 thoughts on “Fenway Park and College Visits

    • David Patterson

      I know you are a big fan of Acadia… though it looks like Sam will be flying the coop within the next year, Acadia NP will always be here to come home to 🙂

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