The Blue Hill Fair



The Blue Hill Fair is what a fair should be like. A great atmosphere, good food, cool rides, lots of farm animals, and a chance for me to continue my streak of always winning a prize at the water gun booth… what more could you ask for? This is our favorite fair. It seems more intimate with smaller crowds, yet there is always a wide variety of things to do and see… and the weather always seems to be nice. This year was no exception.

Even on Labor Day weekend, we were able to roll right into town and find a parking space right across from the main entrance. The aromas wafting through the air were irresistible, so as soon as we arrived we headed straight for the food. Italian sausages with peppers and onions for Sam and I, and hot dogs and french fries for Lori and Jack. Bellies filled, we then started to explore.


Jack isn’t really a big fan of the rides at the fair, and Sam shows absolutely no interest in them. With a little encouragement though, Jack usually finds something that he wants to do, and after some deliberation he decided on the little mechanical carousel with all sorts of cars, trucks and buses to drive. Still somewhat shy… luckily parents are allowed to ride along sometimes!

Every year at the fair I have been able to win a prize for either Sam or Jack at the booth where you shoot the water guns at the target to make the thingy rise until you hear the bell. I always win, and on this occasion I had no reason to believe I wouldn’t do so again and add to the tradition. At $3 per person with a dozen people all playing at the same time, even when they give out the “big” prizes it isn’t hard to see how these booths make money! Jack and I paid our money, settled in and took aim in readiness for the start of the contest. The starting bell rang, and away we went. Totally focused on a maintaining a steady hand and hitting the tiny target, you can imagine my surprise when at the end of the contest the guy didn’t call out my number as the winner. I had lost… for the first time ever!

Shocked… we immediately paid a visit to the Dough Boy stand. What a treat… with a little dash of cinnamon and a big dash of confectioner’s sugar. Now it was time to get back to business… a tradition needed to be upheld. I was ready to return to the scene of the disappointment, and with a level of focus never before seen, I prepared to restore my reputation and reclaim my place as a perennial prize winner and water gun champion. You can see the results in the video below!

The agricultural part of the Blue Hill Fair is always amazing. Everything is so accessible, with cows, goats, pigs and all other kinds of farm animals readily available for viewing and petting. Lori is the one who really enjoys the animals, but Jack also gets a kick out of being around all of the livestock. Rumor has it that E.B. White based the story of Charlotte’s Web on the happenings at Blue Hill Fair, and if you have ever been there you can easily imagine that connection. There was even a Zuckerman’s Farm tent at this year’s fair with all of the favorite storybook characters to enjoy.

Feeling a little peckish after the sausages (no, really), we sampled some of the wonderful cotton candy that was on offer. A big blue bag full of the good stuff didn’t last very long though! So many choices for food… one of the main reasons we like to go to the fair.

French fries were also tasted again – for quality control of course – and passed with flying colors, and everyone’s ice-cream and the root beer float that I had was excellent. Fruit smoothies were later added to the menu as we wandered throughout the grounds enjoying the atmosphere waiting for Jack to decide what game he would like to play… he ended up fishing for a rubber ducky and winning his own prize. How we all love that plastic noisy trumpet he picked!

With prizes in hand, and starting to feel the effect of the sausages, hot dogs, french fries, dough boys, cotton candy, french fries x2, fruit smoothies, root beer float and ice cream… we conceded that it was time to leave the fair. Before heading home though, we decided that it would be fun to make the short hike up the elevated landform that this town and fair was named for… Blue Hill.

The late summer weather was superb… sunny and 70 degrees all day with a nice ocean breeze, and when we climbed the wooded trail and emerged onto the hillside with a gorgeous view of Blue Hill Bay, we all agreed that this had been a great way to end the day. Summer is now unofficially over, and here in Maine it won’t take long for the colder weather to try to stake it’s claim. Today though, everything was perfect, and as we made our way down the hillside and through the open meadow we agreed that this had been a summer that we would each remember forever.



7 thoughts on “The Blue Hill Fair

  1. Bob

    Next year we want to go to the Fair with you. I loved the video. Have you won that many times ?

    I love the pictures of Jack running, he is going to make a great soccer player. Jeanne

  2. Joan

    The pic of Jack getting on the bus is so poignant, it speaks volumes. Time is just flying by. I’m sure he took it all in his stride.

    • David Patterson

      Joan… thanks for stopping by! We are very proud of the little man. He has made a very smooth transition to school, and he is doing great! Hope everyone in Banbridge is doing well?

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