Thinking of Ireland


whiteparkbayEvery now and then I get waves of feelings about home… Ireland. It has been 21 years now since I left home, and although I have been able to return several times over that span of time, I still miss it sometimes.

As I am sure most people can relate, when growing up in a particular place you rarely appreciate it until later in life. There are familiarities and comforts that are taken for granted while living there, but when looking retrospectively through a more mature lens it is often only then that a better appreciation can develop. Such is the case with me and my home in Ireland.

Don’t get me wrong, I could not be happier about the life I am living here in the US. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have an amazing and loving family who have shared adventures together residing in New York, North Carolina, Maine, Virginia, and then back again to where we now truly consider home… Maine. Lori, Sam, Jack and I have carved out a really nice life here, and I cannot think of a place I would rather be with my family, but there are times when I still miss home.

Feeling nostalgic, I went back through some photographs that I made on our last trip back home in 2006. We had a really nice visit with friends and family, and it went a long way toward providing that “fix” of home that I regularly need.

The photograph included in this post is one of my favorites… it was taken on a typical Irish “summer” day at White Park Bay, a picture-postcard crescent shaped bay along the north coast of Antrim. We had parked the car and strolled the half mile or so down to what was a deserted beach. Even in the rainstorm and cool temperatures that we encountered on the beach, I still marveled at the beauty and tranquility on offer.

The overcast skies and moisture in the air contributed to the saturation of the colors in this scene, and it will always remind me of a great day spent on the pristine shores of Ireland… my home.


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