First Day of School



It seems like only yesterday that Sam was preparing for his first day of school, and just look at him now! This morning marked the start of what should be a busy senior year in high school for him as he continues to work hard and tries to figure out what college he is going to attend. Boy does time fly!

Now it is Jack’s turn to officially begin the process of formal learning as he starts out today as a brand new kindergartner! It was eleven years ago that Sam started at the same school that Jack is now attending, and as Jack rode the bus there this morning I couldn’t help but wonder how he was going to adapt to his new surroundings.


Sam spent four wonderful years there with caring, experienced, and exceptional teachers who got him excited about learning. He naturally and easily enjoyed going to school, and we could not have wished for a better start to his time spent in school. Methinks Jack will like it there too.

The first day of school can be quite intimidating, with lots of new experiences, new people, and new situations to deal with. For a five year-old it can certainly be a daunting day. The staff at Jack’s new school have done everything they can to help smooth the transition from home to school… earlier in the summer they offered an open house day for the kids to come see their new school, an opportunity for parents to meet and talk with the staff and teachers, we received some great suggestions for making the first day of school one to remember, and just before school officially started Jack had a chance to ride the bus and even spend some time in his new classroom.

By the time this morning rolled around you could tell he was excited, but because of all the efforts that had been made to make him feel comfortable and ready for this day, he didn’t seem to be too nervous. He was dressed and ready to go way earlier than he needed to be, and the new red backpack was filled and worn around the house most of the morning.

We dropped him off at the bus stop and he was quite the pro when it came to climbing onto the big yellow school bus and finding a seat for the ride to school. A quick wave and a smile is all we got, and it was nice to see him so confident as he started out the day. Lori and I both remarked how we couldn’t believe this day had arrived already… seems like yesterday when he was just a baby.

I can still remember my first day at school, and let’s just say that I wasn’t quite so ready to let go of my mother’s hand… it is funny how some memories stay with us for so long. No such worries on this day for Jack… he was raring to go, and I am sure he will have all sorts of great stories to tell us about his first day at school. Can’t wait to meet him at the bus stop this afternoon!



9 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Bob

    Thank you so much for the first day of school pictures. OF course I had tears while I read your comments. I love the one of Jack going up the stairs of the bus.

    • David Patterson

      Jack was a VERY big boy on his first day of school. He had a great first day with Mrs Bell (next door neighbor is his Kindergarten teacher), and he is ready for day two!

  2. Bob

    That’s a beautiful and heartwarming story of preparing for kindergarten. I also love Jack’s solution to his crowded future career plans. Sam’s senior year is shaping up to be very exciting!

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