Otter Cliffs familiar



This shot of Otter Cliffs is much more familiar to me in that it represents the way I am used to seeing this spot. On most mornings the waves are a lot less dangerous than when Hurricane Bill came through last weekend, and they serve more to add to the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere of being in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

From a photographical point of view I keep getting drawn back to this place, and when visiting in the early morning light, it never fails to impress me. An hour or so away from where I live, it is always worth the early start to catch the morning light on the granite rock face of Otter Cliffs.

On this particular morning, the skies cooperated with some soft and subtle color in the clouds, and a slower shutter speed further softened the scene as the waves gently washed ashore over the round rocks on what is sometimes called Boulder Beach.

I am heading down to Acadia National Park Sunday morning again… this time along with photographer friend Monty Rand to see what kind of impact tropical storm Danny has on the coastline. Last weekend’s brush with Bill was not a pleasant one, even though it resulted in some dramatic and dangerous waves. And although I do not expect anywhere near the same conditions from Danny, perhaps we will find some interesting shooting opportunities.


4 thoughts on “Otter Cliffs familiar

  1. David Patterson

    David… thanks. When my friend Monty and I went down this past weekend I didn’t come away with much that I liked. The waves were decent but the light was nothing special… cloudy and grey. Having said that, I still enjoyed being there… the stretch of road between Bar Harbor and Otter Cliffs is somewhere I have photographed MANY times… I guess if you go there often enough you will eventually get something nice 🙂

  2. The cliffs from the cobble beach, now that’s my kind of view. Very nicely done, David. I probably won’t get back up there until October 1, 2010 and then for 2 weeks of hopefully fall foliage. That is unless I can talk my wife into a short wintertime trip.

  3. David Patterson

    Ed… thanks. September 1, 2009, and it is already getting chilly in the morning. I am curious to see how the wet summer and cool nights play into the type of foliage season we get this year.

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