Swimming and Diving


jackjumpJack had been somewhat slow to take to the water. He loves the tub, but every time he was in a pool he was understandably cautious about getting in too deep. Just recently though, Sam and Lori had been helping him become more comfortable at Granny and Grandpa’s pool in New York. He was now willing to explore the pool by himself without having to hold onto an adult, but to date he still wore his “floaty” device.

Just yesterday we were invited to enjoy some pool time at a friend’s house, and as expected Jack wanted to bring his floaty device along. Playing with two great kids, Griffin (6) and Sam (4), who were very much at home in the pool really encouraged Jack, and before long he was having a great time without his floaty.

The two pool veterans were soon jumping in from the side… not something Jack had even contemplated doing yet. With a little coaxing… and I mean very little actually… Jack plucked up the courage to jump in while holding hands with me. Once he realized that he had nothing to fear, he of course was then very keen to do what the other kids were doing.

Seems like just yesterday that he would hardly set foot in the pool at all, and now all of a sudden we have a five year old who can’t get enough of jumping into the pool! How soon they grow up!


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