Big Sur weather


beach1When we arrived in Big Sur to weather with temperatures in the low 80’s and lots of sunshine, the locals assured us that this was not the norm. Apparently this area is more used to fog and cooler temperatures, and when the law of averages kicked in a day or so later, we actually weren’t that disappointed when it became cool, wet and windy.

We had been very lucky with the weather throughout our trip to that point, seeing high 80’s in Yosemite, low 70’s in San Francisco… and throughout it had been sunny and bright from the moment we arrived until we left.

After spending a wonderful day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, we did the 17-Mile Drive around Pebble Beach, and then we headed back down the coast toward Big Sur. On the way, we saw what looked like a pretty spectacular beach down below us and within a few minutes we had pulled off the road, parked the car, and located a path down to the ocean.

There were only a couple of people walking the beach when we first arrived, though they were soon gone leaving us with a most impressive scene all to ourselves. Some pretty big waves were crashing and the sky looked ominous, but we must have spent more than an hour here as Jack went into full beach-play mode taking advantage of the surf that chased him up and down the beach.

The cooler temperatures and damp weather were a welcome respite from the fairly continuous sunshine we had been experiencing to this point. The deserted beach, the un-summer weather, and the stark beauty all again reminded me of home in Ireland. I stood on this lonely rock as the waves rolled in and around it, and despite the weather I was determined to make a photograph that reminded me of the time spent there… here it is.

2 thoughts on “Big Sur weather

  1. Beautiful images all along the trip. The Big Sur images really make me long to return. It’s amazing when you can get beaches like this to yourself.

    It’s been two years since our last visit. I think I could spend my life bouncing back and forth between Acadia and the Central California coast.

    Weather along the coast is generally cool. When we went in late July it was running in the upper 60s. Then we moved on to Yosemite and it was over 100.

    Isn’t the aquarium great!

  2. David Patterson

    Ed… thanks. We didn’t have 100 degree weather in Yosemite, but it was still pretty hot. We are lucky to live right next door to Acadia NP, and I am fast becoming a huge fan of the California landscapes. I really want to explore the Eastern Sierra sometime in the near future, that area and up north of San Francisco.

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