McWay Falls



There are many scenic areas that have a “must-see” and “must-photograph” landscape. Iconic landscapes are photographed often for a reason… they are usually beautiful and remarkable scenes. Otter Cliffs in Acadia NP, Delicate Arch in Arches NP, Zabriskie Point in Death Valley NP to name a few… all are special places, and all are quite understandably photographed by millions of visitors each year. McWay Falls in Julia Pfeiffer SP is another such icon.

Doing the touristy thing, we stopped at this little state park on our way along US Route 1 on the first evening we spent in Big Sur. When we arrived on this scene, it wasn’t quite time for the sun to set yet, but there was some warm light reaching into the cove where the waterfall is located – technically McWay Falls is actually a “tidefall” – since it empties directly into the Pacific Ocean. This picture postcard scene of the 80 ft McWay Falls is an easy hike along a well-trodden, flat path, and although it may have been photographed and witnessed by many, it was our first time seeing it in all it’s glory.

2 thoughts on “McWay Falls

  1. Barbara Greenstone

    David, as always your photographs are stunning. I’ve only visited southern California (San Diego) so I am enjoying a vicarious vacation through this blog. (San Francisco is on my “places to go before I die” list.)

    • David Patterson

      Barbara… thanks. This was my first time spending any real time in California, and I absolutely loved it. San Francisco is a wonderful city… we found it to be laid back, eclectic, and quite welcoming.

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