Big Sur


Many years ago I had composed a list of things I wanted to do in my lifetime, and one of those things was to walk in the Pacific Ocean. Sounds simple I know, but for someone growing up in Ireland and now living in Maine it was never quite within reach. The final part of our summer vacation brought us south of San Francisco on the famed US 1, and I was finally able to experience the mighty Pacific in Big Sur.

We stayed three nights in the Big Sur campground, a mix of tented sites, RV sites, and homey little cabins tucked away in the woods alongside the Big Sur River. Our cabin was really neat, with a bathroom, shower, and two spacious sleeping spaces with a modern, yet woodsy decor. The people running the campground were very hospitable and welcoming, always bright and cheery, and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there.

My first impression of Big Sur was that it reminded me somewhat of the north coast of Ireland. There are many similarities with the impressive rocky headlands, the secluded and unspoiled beaches tucked away in coves, and the remoteness of much of the scenery. Big Sur is of course “bigger” in many ways with the vistas, the waves, the cliffs and the beaches all grander in scale than in Ireland… but the connection for me was very real.

The two images in this post were created back-to-back from the same viewpoint… one almost monochromatic as I looked toward the sun, and the other with the warm evening light bathing the coastline in color.



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