Words Cannot Convey…


… just how beautiful Yosemite National Park is. I expected the Yosemite valley to be scenic, stunning, and even breathtaking, but I was not prepared for just how grand and impressive it actually is.

We arrived in the park early on Sunday afternoon, and from the moment we arrived until the time we unfortunately had to leave 5 days later, we were totally awe-struck by the scale and magnificence of the landscape all around us. As I write the next few blog posts about our time here, I am not even going to try to use words to describe the experiences we have had and the beauty we have seen. My vocabulary cannot possibly convey the magnitude of Yosemite – it truly is a special place… one that every person should witness at least once in their lifetime.


During our stay in Yosemite, we were blessed with great weather. The week started out with hot temperatures in the 90’s and blue skies, but by Thursday things had cooled off into the 70’s and we even had some “photographer-friendly” skies with clouds. This trip is not a “photography-only” excursion, but rather it is a family vacation. As such, we are enjoying the wonder of Yosemite National Park and all that it offers… though my camera is never far from reach and I am grabbing some photographs as we go. I am lucky to have such an understanding and patient family who indulge my passion for photography and allow me to spend time enjoying scenes like these.


We spent our first afternoon in Yosemite figuring out the lay of the land and planning what we would like to see and do over the next few days. As we headed out of the valley toward where were were staying, we stopped off at the famous “Tunnel View” overlook. Everyone who visits Yosemite has taken photographs of this scene, and it is quite obvious why. Words cannot convey what this looks like in person… every time we passed this spot going to and from the valley floor we stopped and I shot it again and again. As the week went on the light got better – as did my creativity – and I will share some of those images in later posts.

Mostly icons and cliches throughout the week, and not always taken at optimum times with interesting light, the images of Yosemite that I have captured have merely whetted my appetite to someday return to this land to further explore and experience its wonder. Yosemite has tremendous character and grandeur, and I would love to have more time to enjoy it when the light is better, the seasons are changing, and there are fewer people in the valley. Maybe someday…


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