Vernal Falls


We researched some of the easier hikes so that Jack (5) could tag along and enjoy the scenery. For our first hike in the park we settled on the trail from Happy Isles to Vernal Falls, and it turned out to be a good choice. Let me qualify that statement… whatever trail you decide on in Yosemite will be a good great choice. I have never been in a place such as this where every turn you make is guaranteed to give an exceptional view.

Though rated easy, the hike along the path to the bridge and then Vernal Falls is fairly steep, especially for a five-year old. Jack did really well though, and we all enjoyed the amazing views along the trail. Apparently the falls themselves don’t run all that strongly at this time of year… and when the snow melts in the spring the river absolutely rages. Even at this time of year though, as you get closer and closer, the water roars over the falls and the mist from the spray is a nice respite from the heat and hike. Vernal Falls is followed higher on up the trail by the larger Nevada Falls… we never got there but can only imagine how powerful it is up close.



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