Sentinel Dome


On Wednesday morning it was my turn to look after the little man. He still had a temperature, and we didn’t want to extend him too much in case he got run down. He was definitely feeling better by now, but with a lot more vacation to still enjoy, we decided to take no chances and have him lay low for one more morning.

Since Lori had been spending most of the time with Jack of late, we all decided it was time for her and Sam to go off and spend some time together exploring. Throughout the trip Sam has been paying a lot of attention to the topography and history of the area, so he took the lead in deciding where he wanted Lori to see. We were staying in Yosemite West – a little community of houses and condos at the base of the road to Glacier Point – so they decided that they would drive up that way and hike to Sentinel Dome while Jack and I stayed back at the condo.

The hike to Sentinel Dome offers a 360 degree panoramic view of Yosemite, and the 2.2 mile trail leads to an elevation of 8,122 ft. They reported seeing a couple of Mule Deer but very few people along the trail – seems like most visitors don’t get going early in the morning around here. Both arrived back at the condo just after lunchtime having successfully experienced one of the grandest and most impressive views in the park.

Sam captured the image below of the remnants of the old Jeffrey Pine that used to live atop Sentinel Dome. I think he is really enjoying the camera, and as you can see from his choice of composition, he already has a good eye for what makes a good photograph. He likes the 16:9 ratio that the camera offers, and he is also capturing some very cool HD video.



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