McGurk Meadow



Jack picked up a tummy bug and temperature, so he had to stay home and rest. This meant that we had to divide and conquer for the next couple of days. Lori or I stayed back at the condo with him, while the other ventured out with Sam to continue to explore the park.

Sam and I decided to head up along the road to Glacier Point for sunset. Glacier Point is high above the valley floor at 7,214 feet, and offers wonderful panoramic views of what is a spectacular landscape. Along the way there are several opportunities to explore other parts of the park, and we decided since we had some time to spare before sunset that we would make a side trip to McGurk Meadow.

McGurk Meadow is accessed by a gentle climb down through a pine forest, and opens up into a wonderful meadow filled with wildflowers. Along the trail we saw a Coyote dart across our path, and when strolling along the meadow we heard a pretty big animal make some startling noises just off to our left. Spooked but undeterred, we wandered a little further to explore what was a unique and peaceful place.

There were wildflowers still blooming all through the meadow, and it offered a very different view from the huge and impressive vistas of the valley floor. The mosquitoes were out in full force throughout the meadow, and they seemed to very much enjoy me as I worked with the camera and viewfinder!

The light was nice, and although we wanted to explore further along the two miles of meadow, we also wanted to get to Glacier Point for what was shaping up to be a nice sunset with some cool clouds. That and we didn’t want to hang around after dark to find out who had been keeping us company along the trail 😉



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