California Dreaming


We got a wet start to our trip to California today as we battled the weather and the traffic from Maine to New York. What normally takes around 8 hours took us more than 13 hours today. None of that matters cos we are going to Yosemite!

We are flying in and out of New York so we can combine a few days with Granny and Grandpa, and normally the drive down is a breeze. This time however, right after we got south of Portland both the rain and the traffic started getting heavy. Friday afternoon in the middle of summer… maybe I should have expected that? Sam’s photograph through the windshield gives you some idea of what we were dealing with most of the trip. None of that matters cos we are going to Yosemite!

As we made our way through Massachusetts we expected to hit traffic in the usual spots like getting off 495 and onto 290 at Worcester, and also along I-90 between Worcester and the exit for I-84, but we didn’t expect the volume of traffic to be so heavy and so steady. We also got some of the heaviest rains I have seen since our days enjoying the steamy summers of North Carolina. None of that matters cos we are going to Yosemite!

After many songs and stories, games of rock/paper/scissors and thumb wrestling, and a DVD or two, we finally crossed over the state line from Connecticut into New York only to be welcomed by probably the worst traffic I can remember seeing. All along I-95 we were stopping and starting, and despite the really cool rainbow we saw and the incredible but brief sunset just outside Bridgeport, CT that Sam shot with his new camera out of the car window, it wasn’t until just after 10:30pm that we arrived at our destination. By then Jack was fast asleep and we were all very glad to get out of the car. None of that matters cos we are going to Yosemite!

I am excited about the fact that Sam wanted to get his first camera, and that he was eager to bring it along on the trip. We did some research and settled on a Panasonic TZ5… a pretty stylish little 9MP camera that packs quite a punch. It also shoots HD video… something that Sam really wanted. As we make our way around California on this trip I will be posting Sam’s photographs along with mine. Did I mention I was excited that Sam is interested in photography?

We fly to San Francisco at 10:30am Saturday, so it will be another early start and a long day for everyone. I think we all agree though that the prospect of seeing such a beautiful part of the world will make it all worthwhile. The weather forecast for while we are in Yosemite is sunny and mid-80’s, for San Francisco it is sunny and mid-60’s and for Big Sur it is sunny and mid-70’s… nice 🙂


2 thoughts on “California Dreaming

  1. 10:30 Saturday… let’s see, you must be in the air right now, so welcome to California!

    I’m just back from Yosemite – a four-day photography pack trip to Young Lakes. I has been a week of some big afternoon thunderstorms. Rain, yes, but also great and dramatic photographic opportunities.

    Have a great trip!


    • David Patterson

      Dan… thanks. Our trip across the country was nice and quiet. We are holed up in Lathrop for the night gearing up for our visit to Yosemite for the rest of the week. We are certainly enjoying the California scenery and weather so far!

      Can’t wait to see your images from this past trip. Sounds like you got some great conditions for photography.

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