Bass Harbor Bonus


Last weekend I had a chance to shoot the lighthouse at Bass Harbor on Mount Desert Island. The conditions were quite moody, with heavy fog and very subdued light throughout the evening. The results of the expedition can be found in an earlier blog post, but I also wanted to share a couple of bonus shots from that evening.

The first is another reminder to always turn around and look behind you when shooting something of interest. The first image is from pretty much the same spot that I captured the Bass Harbor Lighthouse, except that I happened to turn around to notice what I thought was a neat scene worth photographing.

Driving back across the island toward Bar Harbor after shooting, I came across this deer enjoying the evening. She was quite content to go about her business while I grabbed a few shots from the roadside with a longer lens.




4 thoughts on “Bass Harbor Bonus

    • David Patterson

      Thanks… seems like they are everywhere on MDI this summer! Every time I go down there I see them while driving… luckily this one was not on the side of the road in the fog. She posed very nicely for me don’t you think?

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