Sunshine, Daisies and Lillies


For the 4th of July holiday we abandoned soggy Maine and ran to New York in search of sunshine, family, and good pizza. A whirlwind visit saw much time spent with family, sunshiny 78 degrees every day, and pizza from two of the more renowned restaurants in New England… John’s on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village, and Frank Pepe’s in New Haven. Both exceptional, and highly recommended for the pizza lover! Needless to say as we arrived back in Maine this evening it was pouring… again.

Maybe it was the long drive down from Maine to New York that zapped my energy and willingness to consider rising early for photography reasons, or maybe it was just my affinity for sleep… but either way I did not follow through with my plan to catch the early light down at Jones Beach State Park on this trip. Instead I had to settle for some time spent in and around Bob’s garden – a little piece of heaven as he likes to call it.

Continuing the theme of experimenting with moving the camera while the shutter is open, I played around with a stand of daisies that lit up the backyard. With a polarizer on, setting my aperture to f22 got me a shutter speed of about half a second. I must have made about 30 images of these flowers, each one being different depending on the amount and direction of movement. I am partial to most things yellow, and I like how the image below captures the vitality of the daisies.


Located on the side of the house were some beautiful orange lillies. This image took a little experimentation, where I wanted to get the green leaves and stems to help ground the composition. The green and the oranges blended well together, and to me it looked like the lillies were on fire.



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