New York, New York


Have I mentioned that the weather in Maine lately has been awful?

We were supposed to be hosting family for the 4th of July weekend, but the forecast wasn’t looking too good so we decided to chase the sun and celebrate the holiday in New York. I think most people were looking forward to visiting Maine, but the thought of spending the entire weekend dodging the raindrops wasn’t all that appealing. So… change of plans… we are all very excited about going to New York instead!

We all love New York. At Granny and Grandpa’s “little piece of heaven” on Long Island we are only 20 minutes from beautiful beaches, and 45 minutes from the most exciting city on the planet. We already have plans to visit both, and am sure we will find some time to taste the local pizza.

From about 10 years ago, the image below is from Fire Island Lighthouse on the south shore of Long Island. The deer on Fire Island were very people-friendly, and I couldn’t believe it when there were so many in this scene with the classic and iconic lighthouse in the background. I am looking forward to exploring the area with my camera again, and hopefully I will come home with some new images.



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