It’s all a blur!


Normally I drive north and south on I-95 on my way to and from work. Lately in Maine it has been dreary and dull for what seems like an eternity, but today we finally got a break in the weather. Enjoying the rare glimpse of the sun, I decided to forego the highway this morning and take the more scenic route from Bangor to Augusta.

Route 9 runs pretty much parallel to I-95, as it winds through the countryside and towns like Newburgh, Unity, China, and then Augusta. Typical central Maine scenery, there are undulating hills with patches of forest, mixed in with green rolling fields where farmers are trying hard to make a living. With my windows wide open to soak in the warm air, I enjoyed the ride to work this morning, stopping off every now and again to try to make a photograph.

I have long wanted to capture the June bloom of lupine in Maine, but I have yet to manage to do so in a way that I like. As I wandered down Route 9 on this morning, I came across a couple of stands of lupine dotted on the side of the road. Though the warm early morning light was good, I wasn’t especially excited about any of the scenes I came across and their potential for making an interesting traditional landscape image. I did however try to capture the light and how it interacted with the shapes and colors that I saw. Here is one of the results… f22, iso 100, 1/3 sec with 17-40mm at 40mm



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