Backyard Blurs


I was experimenting in the back yard with moving the camera while the shutter was held open for anywhere between half a second and two seconds. Depending on how the light was interacting with the subject, how long the shutter was open for, and the direction and the speed of the movement, some pretty neat effects were rendered by the camera.






2 thoughts on “Backyard Blurs

  1. Argy

    Dear Closet Artist Patterson:
    It is clear that you are having a great time experimenting with light, color, movement, and photography. I suggest you look at Monet’s Impressionist work. Your photos have similar qualities and you might find them helpful in moving forward with your ideas. I suggest you ask yourself, what am I trying to communicate? And see if answering this question leads you anywhere.
    I find the photos really fun, my favorite is the second one from the top. I struggle with looking at them individually in the format.

    • davidpatterson4

      Thanks Argy. I appreciate your response, and will definitely think about the question you posed. I like the simplicity that using this technique brings to each scene, and I absolutely love the play of light, color and shape that results.

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