Monument Cove


I have shared images of Monument Cove in Acadia National Park before, but I never get tired of visiting this special place and wanted to show it off in all its glory one more time. I joke about this being where I want my ashes to be spread… but seriously… what better place to have people come visit you?


All of the elements came together on this visit. The height of the tide and energy of the waves made for a pretty dynamic scene – especially if you were crouched way down low with one foot in the ocean! I had to pay special attention to shielding the lens of my camera from the ocean spray that would kick up off the rocks every time a bigger wave washed ashore. The early light was divine, with the granite cliffs lighting up on cue, and the pink hues that hung around ever so briefly in the wispy clouds added something special to the colors. 


Have I mentioned how much I like the round rocks and the clicking and knocking sounds created as they are bounced around in the surf?


2 thoughts on “Monument Cove

    • davidpatterson4

      David… thanks. Hope all is well?

      This is definitely one of my favorite places on earth, and I never get tired of re-visiting.

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