Starting again…



It has been just over a month since I returned from my trip to California and Death Valley National Park, and I am getting the itch to start writing and taking photographs again. Rather than start a brand new blog, I decided to import the Death Valley blog and make a new start from there. Here’s me starting again…

Mid-May in Maine can be a little bit unpredictable when it comes to the weather. We have already had some really nice warm spring days, but it can easily turn cold and wintry again in a hurry, especially down near the coast. 

This past weekend was a classic example, where the weather in Bangor was beautiful – by that I mean mostly sunny and about 65 degrees – but down near the water it was at least 15 degrees cooler, and there wasn’t a speck of blue sky to be seen anywhere! Despite the cooler temperatures and blustery conditions, there is no better place to spend the day than Acadia National Park.

From my favorite stretch of oceanfront property – this image was made on Sand Beach. With raindrops threatening and far from ideal shooting conditions, I tried a variety of compositions… it has been so long since I have even had the camera out of the bag I wanted to come home with something of interest.¬†This image was made with my trusty Canon A650IS point and shoot camera. A handy little workhorse that is easy to carry, and in decent light it can deliver good quality image files.

A little symmetrical compositionally, I was drawn to the parallel lines being made by the surf, the waves and the horizon, and I must have made a dozen images in an attempt to capture the breaking waves just right. The contrasting foreground elements grabbed my attention, as did the deep and saturated colors that were a result of the damp and misty conditions. I intentionally centered Old Soaker – the rock outcrop just offshore – to try to accentuate the somewhat linear composition, and was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded and opened the files. My favorite place… Sand Beach.

2 thoughts on “Starting again…

  1. davidpatterson4

    Glad you liked this one… the overcast lighting coming through the wave definitely made for some great coloring. That and the fact that we are looking at some pretty cold northern Atlantic waters!

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