Classic Acadia


As I mentioned in the previous post, the weather last weekend when I went down to Acadia was far from balmy. In fact, combine that with the uninspiring early afternoon light and it can best be described as being downright dull – and quite unfriendly toward photography.


Removing the color from this latest image takes away the uninteresting colors resulting from the overcast light, and in my opinion leaves behind a better rendition of this classic scene.

I was torn between including the round rocks in the foreground, and the dramatic cliffs in the background… I hope that my compromise works? Otter Cliffs and Boulder Beach… I am not the first person to photograph here, though on this day I was definitely the only one!

I am planning on returning here when the conditions are better, and will try to do this scene justice with my “real” camera. Facing east, when the first light breaks over the horizon and bathes these cliffs in warmth it truly is a sight to behold. The granite cliff face glows in a way you have to see to believe, and the wet edges of the round rocks on the beach glisten in the soft, early morning light. Listening to the Atlantic waves wash ashore bouncing and knocking the round rocks off each other is something I highly recommend you experience.


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