Dunes, Dunes, and more Dunes…


Here are more images from the Mesquite Sand Dunes. As I have mentioned several times before, this is a special place, and a place that I will definitely return to some day.

The trouble with shooting the dunes in the morning is that when you first walk out there it is still dark! Without any city lights to pollute the darkness, without a full moon it is VERY dark and it takes a little while to get your bearings and “see” compositions that you are interested in, but when the sun comes up, the light moves pretty fast. Ideally you will have either scouted out some compositions the day before, or shooting here in the evening would allow plenty of time in the afternoon to explore the area prior to the arrival of the evening light.

Hopefully this series of images illustrates how fast the light changes, and how wonderful it was? It started out with a cool pretty pink hue, before bathing the dunes with a warm glow. The shadows soon receded, and I was left with a bright, hot sun that truly completed the feeling of being in a desert.





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