Back to the Grind


The reason I made this trip was to present at the College Board AP Colloqium on equity. That presentation was earlier today, and things seemed as though they went well.

My co-presenter and I – Brendan Murphy from John Bapst HS in Bangor – shared how the AP4ALL program provides Advanced Placement opportunities for Maine students regardless of where they live. I laid the foundation about AP4ALL in general, and Brendan did a really nice job relaying his experiences as an online teacher of AP Calculus BC. We had about 12-15 attendees, and they seemed to enjoy the session.

Is always good to mingle with other educators from around the country. It is motivating to hear how others do what they do, and it is invigorating to engage with professional educators who obviously care very much about what they do.

I will be leaving Los Angeles on Sunday morning and will be traveling all day. I am due back in Bangor by 11pm.

Seems like weeks ago since I was in Death Valley… here’s another image from that glorious morning I spent on the dunes near Stovepipe Wells.


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