The City of Angels


I enjoyed myself so much at the Mesquite Dunes this morning that I got a late start out of Death Valley and toward Los Angeles. I could have stayed on the dunes all day, but check-out time was reluctantly nearing, so I had to pack up and head toward LA. In the 4 hours I spent out there, I never saw another soul save for when I was getting back into my car.

I had mixed emotions about leaving Death Valley… on the one hand I didn’t want to leave. I was absolutely mesmerized by the stark and unbelievable landscape, and I wanted to stay longer to explore the park further. But on the other hand, I am excited to be here in LA getting ready for the presentation tomorrow, and I am REALLY looking forward to getting home to see the family. I know it has only been a couple of days, but it sure feels like I have been away for a month.

I am presenting at a College Board Colloqium on equity and Advanced Placement. I am presenting about AP4ALL with Brendan Murphy, a math teacher from John Bapst HS in Bangor who teaches AP Calculus BC as part of the program. Brendan doesn’t get in until later this evening, so we won’t likely get a chance to catch up til morning.

Traffic in LA is all it is hyped up to be! I just spent over two hours getting from the outskirts of the city to the hotel. I checked in to the hotel and dropped my bags off, and then went down the street a couple of miles to return the rental car. I threw on a pair of shorts and my sneakers, dropped the car off and ran back to the hotel. After being cooped up in the car for the past 6 hours or so it felt very good to get moving. And before you ask… yes, I really did run all the way.

I don’t have any pics from LA, so here’s another from the sand dunes this morning… did I mention that I liked this place?


2 thoughts on “The City of Angels

  1. Argy

    This is a TERRIFIC photo! The blue is so intense. The depth is amazing and the lines really emphasize the distance. NICELY DONE!

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