Critter in the Sand


There isn’t much wildlife visible to the eye out on the Mesquite Dunes, though I think at night there is all sorts of activity. The winds that blew through the valley the day before did a really nice job of erasing any footprints that might have been left by intrepid explorers like myself. That meant that on this gorgeous morning the ridges of the dunes were sharp, and any little imperfections in the sand became highly noticeable.

As I was doing my photographer thing looking for interesting compositions, this scene grabbed my attention. My eye was immediately drawn to the tiny tracks left behind by some kind of critter that had crawled up a huge sand dune. I like to believe that the tracks belong to a highly poisonous scorpion, and that I was in mortal danger on my trek through the dunes. More likely though these are the tiny footprints of some kind of harmless beetle… but the possibility of a deadly scorpion makes for a more exciting story!

I placed my camera and tripod very low to the ground in an attempt to accentuate the tracks of the insect and the lines in the sand. This side of the dune was still in shadow, and I liked the contrast with the sunlit dunes and mountains in the background. Hopefully you can see the tracks in this small web-version of the image?




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