Zabriskie Point


These images are from another Death Valley photographic icon. There aren’t many people who visit the park and don’t photograph this place… and I couldn’t resist either. The first is at the height of the sunrise and is the traditional take on Zabriskie Point, and the second is a little later, looking back into the sun a bit toward the folded and weathered hillside.

On the edge of the Funeral Mountains, Zabriskie Point offers an elevated overlook that looks out over a landscape of badlands with a foreground of gullies and hills, leading to the Badwater Salt Flats and across the valley to the Panamint Range and Telescope Peak.

I got here nice and early again, hoping that there would be some nice wispy upper-level clouds and a display of light as the sun came up. Although not disappointed with how things transpired, there was an absolutely amazing display of early light right behind me, overlooking the not-so picturesque parking lot! I couldn’t help wondering what things looked like down the road a bit at the Mesquite Dunes where one would have been able to incorporate the wonderful sunrise.

Lots of other photographers here this morning… everything from a busload of tourists to serious photographers shooting 8×10 format. Hard to do justice to the first shot with a wide angle lens, so I also shot some images to try to stitch a panorama together later.




2 thoughts on “Zabriskie Point

  1. Lori

    Hi! They are both so beautiful! It took me by surprise when you said tourists and other photographers were there. I have this mental image of you being all alone… weird huh? Ok, I’ll say it. I am partial to the second photo. It reminds me of the one hanging over the fireplace 🙂

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