Longest Day…



Today was what one might safely call a long day! I was up at 4am EST to get to the airport, and even though all of my flights connected on time and everything went smoothly, it still made for a tiring day traveling. I hate flying. Not the actual flying, but the claustrophobic and stifling feeling you get when confined in the airplane seat. Never comfortable, I tried to doze but had a hard time trying to catch up.

Landed in LA and headed straight for the car rental place. After a brief delay, I set off on the “Freeway” in my shiny little PT Cruiser. It was quite cool to drive north on I-405 and see famous names like Sunset Boulevard, Mulholland Drive, and Santa Monica Boulevard in person.

I knew that I could not get to Death Valley before sunset, and wanted to try to at least shoot something on the way. I decided to stick to the plan and drive north toward the Trona Pinnacles. After a considerable drive, I arrived at the entrance to the 5-mile long dirt road leading to the site just before sunset. I drove faster than I should have on the awful road, just trying to get close enough so that I might be able to make a photograph or two before the light was gone.

As you can see, the light wasn’t anything special, but as always, just being there was really neat. Definitely a unique place – even otherwordly – but unfortunately I was unable to come away with a photograph that really did this place justice. Within 5 minutes of me grabbing my camera and scrambling to snag at least something, the shadow from a nearby peak had engulfed the scene. Rather than staying any longer to appreciate the scene and then having to navigate the dirt road back in the dark, I left pretty soon after taking this image.

I headed onward and upward, and am VERY happy to be off the road and able to rest. More to come… will be up bright and early and hope to be able to enjoy some more wonderful scenery.

5 thoughts on “Longest Day…

    • davidpatterson4

      Thanks man… the road in and out to this area reminded me VERY much of the road to the Racetrack… didn’t want to experience the same situation here, so drove pretty slowly.

  1. I like this take on the Trona PInnacles quite a bit. I’m embarrassed that I never thought of such a wonderful vertical composition – instead I’ve copped out and complained about the boring sky! 🙂


    • davidpatterson4

      Thanks Dan… I appreciate you stopping by. I literally had 5 minutes before any light was gone. Not that it was especially interesting anyway. Good luck with your upcoming trip. Am looking forward to seeing your work.

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