Forecast Looks Good!


picture-3I am getting excited. I leave for California on Tuesday morning, and as I check the weather forecast things look to be shaping up nicely for the trip.

Looks like the temperatures will be in the 80’s, and even though the snow here in Maine has been melting recently, it will be very nice to feel the warm (OK… hot!) sun again.

While blue skies and sunshine are going to be very welcome, for landscape photography it is preferable sometimes to have clouds in the sky to provide a little drama. With this in mind, I was quite excited when I saw that the forecast was for at least “mostly sunny” and also for some”wind” – both elements might present opportunities for more creative compositions.

I am going to attempt to “stretch” creatively a little on this trip, trying some longer exposures with an ND filter, looking at creating some panoramic shots, and a real challenge for me… night photography.

The plan is to get there – Death Valley – and slow down… really take some time to explore and experience the valley as best I can in the time that I have. Too often not enough time is devoted to exploring a location, hurrying from place to place and spending way too much time in the car. Not this time…

I will have Internet access during the trip, so I will plan on updating the blog as often as I can. Would love to hear your thoughts as the trip unfolds. Should be fun!


2 thoughts on “Forecast Looks Good!

  1. davidpatterson4

    The trip will NOT be the same without my trusty sidekick! Will make sure to post often, and will look forward to hearing more from you.

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