More from the Bangor Forest


OK… I have to admit, I am really intrigued by the images I was able to make last weekend at the Bangor Forest. There is something – at least to me – ethereal and extremely interesting about these blurred images. Not everyone’s cup of tea I know, but for me… they are intriguing.

Here are a couple more images from the day. In all, I think I tried this maybe five times… and each time I was successful in capturing an image that I liked. That is actually a pretty high success rate, especially considering the subject matter… and am looking forward to trying this technique when I head out West next week.






5 thoughts on “More from the Bangor Forest

  1. Brettski

    I would say your experiment was a success. The Bangor Forest looks great, even when blurred. Enjoy your trip and look forward to more viewing.

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